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Our goal is to be the best Chiropractic office we can be in Cabot Arkansas. Most people think of a chiropractor as someone that only deals with back pain, and while we do treat a lot of back pain here is a short list of other issues we treat and help patients recover from.  Physiotherapy is a large part of our practice where we perform and show patients how to alter their biomechanics through life style changes and floor exercises.

Headaches-Many times headaches can be reduced, eliminated or decreased in frequency. Some headaches are intractable and do not respond to medications.

Feet/Hip/Knee dysfunction- Flat feet are treated with custom orthotics that help hold the foot and ankle in the proper posture.

Hips- internal/external rotation. External hip rotators tend to be tighter than internal rotators causing the leg and foot to turn outward. These people tend to sit a lot with their knee wide apart.

Shoulder problems- Our work routine often times causes repetitive soft tissues problems that can be avoided by proper position and function.

Plantar Fasciits- Pain in the bottom of the foot, common near the heel and generally worse in the mornings. For mild to moderate cases a simple taping technique is used and taught to the patient that helps prevent and relieve this problem.

Auto Accidents- We treat many people that have been in car accidents recently and also those that just can’t seem to get over auto injuries that occurred sometime ago.

In the future our office will be showing videos of some of these common problems being treated at our office. We look forward to be there when you need us.

Dr. Clay Gross


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