The Best Chiropractor in Cabot Arkansas

That is exactly what we are working towards everyday with our sports injuries, auto accidents, headache and back pain patient’s. We document symptoms/pain and evaluate how your biomechanics function- spinal stiffness, strains/sprains, spasms, joints, vertebral column, nerves, posture and strength symmetry. Observing what positions feel better and what activities make your condition worse. Taking a complete medical history, evaluation and imaging that is necessary when trauma has occured is performed on the initial visit. Not every person has to have a x-ray for back pain. So many people wake up in the morning and have slept wrong or pulled a muscle. This does not require a x-ray to evaluate, however many places perform x-rays no matter what. Treatments and procedures should always address the function of the area, healing, strengthening and prevention of re-injury.   Motion is life, it’s important to be treated if your having limited function and pain free mobility. – Dr. Clay Gross,

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