Pregnancy Pain- Cabot Arkansas

Chiropractic treatments have helped women during their pregnancy for decades. Pain during pregnancy is more common than not, however there are steps you can take to reduce your symptoms. The additional weight gain changes the center of gravity, increases the curvature in their lower back and stresses the upper pelvic muscles. People that are severely over weight have the same symptoms as a pregnant woman. It is difficult for the mothers muscles to keep up with the increased weight gain and biomechanics of being constantly pulled forward and downward. Dr. Clay Gross educates these patients on how to position themselves, stretches and posture to negate some of these pains. Chiropractic adjustments help align the spine in addition to examining the symmetry of their muscles ( is one side stronger/tighter/more tender than the other side).  One of the techniques that we use is what I call passive mobilization, that is taking the affected body part through it’s normal range of motion for the patient. This is a significant treatment that increases pain free range of motion, balances each side of the spine/hips/legs, and provides a passive exercise for the soft tissues involved.

Is it difficult to treat a woman during pregnancy? Absolutely not. During pregnancy the body begins to release a hormone called relaxin. This hormone causes the joints and some connective tissues to relax and become slightly more mobile in preparation for delivery. Very little force is required to manipulate, stretch, and mobilize the pelvis, hips, legs and back in women during pregnancy. Their are protocols and procedures that are progressive, because everyone is different, we don’t always start at the same place. It is becoming more common now for women to become pregnant a little later in life than in the past. These ladies that are in their 40’s may have a little less flexibility than someone in their mid 20’s and take a little longer to recover from the stresses of pregnancy. We have equipment that allows pregnant patients to lie on their stomach without putting pressure on the abdomen. There is no need for hard, fast twisting or jerking to be performed on these patients. Sciatica/piriformis syndrome, facet syndrome, muscle strain, leg pain are common symptoms during pregnancy that we treat everyday. There is a reason chiropractic has the highest patient satisfaction of all health care providers, because it works and patients find relief. Grace Chiropractic Center perform consultations to explain what the mother can expect during her treatment and discuss her goals. I hope that we can be your chiropractor in Cabot for your aches and pains, pregnant or not. ~ Dr. Clay Gross

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