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What is the best pillow in Cabot Arkansas? There are probably few things that each of us use daily more than our pillows and the mattress we sleep on. When you think about it we sleep somewhere between 6-8 hours each night, mostly on the same surface, our pillow and mattress. Many things determine how we feel when we wake up in the morning and certainly our pillow can play a big role in how we feel. We see many patients that just wake up with a crick in their neck or back, but they didn’t go to bed with any pain, so why wake up in pain. The truth is not every one can use the same pillow. We are all different sizes, shapes and have different sleep postures. A proper pillow should support the Cervical spine and allow for a normal neutral posture, while sleeping on the back or sides. Stomach sleeping is not the ideal way to lay all night, but that is another topic.

Most people spend a lot of money on a cushy mattress and then grab the biggest, fluffiest pillow they can find. A typical person may read or watch t.v. in bed with their head cranked up with 2 or 3 pillows behind their head so they can watch t.v.. This can lead to headforward posture, tension in the neck muscles that attach to the back of the skull from being pulled on all night. This causes headaches in some people and attributes to a poor head posture and “the hump”.   The hump at the base of the neck that sticks out like a bone out of place. It doesn’t happen over night but the closer your chin is to your chest the greater the hump appears to be.

So what do we look for in a good pillow? First would be the size and the way you like to sleep-back or sides. If you are a 5’2″ 130lb female you prob. do not need a large pillow. When you are laying on your back, the pillow should fill in the space behind your neck without raising your head up bringing your chin down to your chest. If you are a side sleeper the pillow should again fill in the space between your shoulders and neck without tilting your head upward. Your nose should remain in line with your belly button even if your on the R/L side.

What is a good material for the pillow to be made of? There are any number of materials out there made into pillows, foam, memory foam, seeds, water, air, cotton, wool. The material that we have decided was the best is called latex. Latex is a natural material from a rubber tree. It is resilient, soft and supportive without being hard or hot. Latex naturally resists fungus, dust mites and is antimicrobial. It comes is different sizes, shapes and densities. We fit cervical latex pillows to our patients that are looking for better support while they sleep. Latex comes in dunlop, talalay, shredded and noodle styles. Also one needs to consider how soft or firm their mattress is. The softer the mattress the smaller the pillow is needed b/c you sink into the bed more than on a firm mattress.

I am not a fan of memory foam for a few reasons. It’s not supportive, it holds heat and it’s hard. Memory foam has to absorb heat in order to allow the material to flex to the weight of the body part pressing on it. The hotter it gets the more you sink into it. The cooler it is the harder it is. It doesn’t support, it conforms to what heats it up.

We will revisit this topic in the future and go into how your pillow can help restore the Cervical lordosis and promote corrective posture.

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