Physiotherapies at Grace Chiropractic Center, Cabot Arkansas

Physiotherapy is a  profession of science-based modalities that considers the whole body and how it relates to our health, daily routine and life style. Chiropractic evaluates, tests and observes joints, ligaments, muscles, tendons and nerves. An example of this would be to evaluate what positions or ranges of motion a person has on one side of their body verses the other side. It is common for a person to perform a range of motion test better on one side than the other. Sometimes our life style contributes to one side being easier or harder to perform a specific function. A few examples of life style related altered biomechanics would be: A 1st grade teacher prob. bends over, looks down, squats more often than a high school teacher does. A over the road truck driver, police officer or anyone that travels a lot that leans on the arm rest or console of their car for hours a day, is likely to continue to lean a little bit even when they get out of the car. People that read a lot or text all day, likely look down more than they look up and tend to develop head forward posture.  Any repetitive activity that we perform for long periods of time tend to influence how our bodies function.

Physiotherapies that we perform at Grace Chiropractic help the patient identify what they are good at and what doesn’t work as well with the other side of their body/arms/legs/pelvis/hips.

These physiotherapies include passive mobilization, wall stretches, floor exercises, therapy balls, manual passive stretches/strengthening the weak side, equal and balanced flexibility, increase mobility. The need for rehab or physiotherapy could be due to a injury, surgery, lack of physical activity. I believe in most cases therapy needs to be performed at a rate that the patient can tolerate it with as little pain as possible. Forcing tissues to accept therapy that is to stressful can cause discouragement in the patient, increased pain, inflammation and compliance. I am a big believer that the better the patient understands what is going on, the better they will recover, improve and prevent further injury.

Of course some conditions are acute and others maybe chronic before they seek treatment. The quicker a patient receives treatment for these asymmetrical abnormalities, posture or injury, the better the outcome is likely to be. For example a person comes into the office  that has had the same hip pain for a year will prob. take longer to treat than if they had been seen 10 months sooner.

Sciatica, plantar fasciitis, bursitis, tendinitis are common problems that can last for a very long time if not taken care of and they respond to treatment better if seen soon after they began. ~Dr. Clay Gross Grace Chiropractic Center Cabot Arkansas.





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