New things coming to Grace Chiropractic Center this year!

We are excited about the new programs coming to Grace Chiropractic Center this year. We have a number of things that are in the works to help more people resolve their symptoms. One of the first items is the new equipment that will provide efficient stretching and strengthening to spinal and pelvic regions.  We are trying to construct a family gift certificate with some discounts to help those with large families. Designs for some patient interaction with describing pain, symptoms and  education about these areas. Dr. Clay is researching a weigh loss program to help those that are interested in loosing weight with weekly one on one meetings and guidance. Lastly, by popular demand, dry needling is on its way to our office as a addition service provided by Dr. Clay.  I want your office experience to be unlike any other at our office. One on one, personal and effective. We are not interested in becoming the largest, just the best!  More to come.


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