What makes a difference in our health?

What makes the most significant changes in our health?


There are many items offered to improve our health, from products, pills, lotions, services, and so on. I believe that the one of the most significant events that can affect our health is, our daily routine. Not a certain machine or another therapist, but how we live day to day. This of course does not include trauma/accidents/sports injuries,but our over all wellness. Health comes from us, not to us. Movement really  is life, to the extent you can  be active.

Treating patients in my office it is clear that some people make their health a priority, and some do not. I believe everything in moderation is a pretty good rule. Be active, be occupied, be busy, eat to live-not live to eat, live-laugh often-and love are good places to start. It helps when you have been raised this way, it’s not a new way of thinking.

There are so many distractions now that it’s easy to forget the simple basic daily routines that promote health, mentally and physically. Simple activities like walking, yardwork, house work play a important part in a healthy routine. Chiropractic treatments work great for treating injuries, pain,strains, sprains, neck/back pain. However, Chiropractic really shines for preventative care.

Although Chiropractic treatments are great for many  complaints, nothing has the long term benefits as well as a healthy life style. Staying out late often, drinking, smoking, over eating, poor diet, physically/mentally over stretched is a time bomb that has a expiration date. I tell young people all of the time “these are the good days”. Because nothing hurts (yet), everything works and I will always feel this way. Just wait.

The purpose of this article is to get people to think about investing a little everyday in their health. It works much better than waiting until you are 40 or 50 years old to start. You can read more about Grace  Chiropractic Center at: https://www.facebook.com/Gracechiropracticcenter/

Dr. Clay Gross

Grace Chiropractic Center

Cabot, Arkansas


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