Little Rock Air Force Base Chiropractor

Grace Chiropractic Center is well known by many of the military personnel at the Little Rock Air Force Base.  We see airmen, pilots, load masters, instructors, mechanics and other flight line personnel for many musculoskeletal issues, joint/nerve/ligament/tendon problems and injuries. Our office also sees the family members of active military personnel including their spouse and children with the same office visit discounts. Many of these spouses are dealing with symptoms of pregnancy that can cause soft tissue, joint and spine discomfort. Often these patients have already been seen by their military doctor and physical therapist, but continue to have symptoms and pain. When asked how they heard about our office they usually say, “everyone told us we had to go to Grace Chiropractic Center”. That is the highest praise a patient can give our office and  we appreciate each one of them. Our military patients are like family to us and we treat them like we would want to be treated, fair, honest and produce results. One patient told us that we were known as the Little Rock Air Force Base Chiropractor. We are pretty pleased with that.

Welcome to Grace….Chiropractic.

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  • Sandra Ruther April 8, 2023

    Do you see retired military spouses? I have recently had 2 epidural injections with some relief. The sciata pain is still interfering with my daily functioning. I have Medicare A&B plus Tricare for Life for insurance if you accept them.

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