Hardest Working Chiropractor in Cabot

We feel like we are the hardest working Chiropractor in Cabot because we receive patients from all the other offices in town regularly. The patients tell us that either they weren’t getting any  better or that there was a lack of communication between them and the doctor. Dr. Clay Gross strives to convey what the problem is, what it will take to recover and answer all of their questions. Sometimes it is easy to get busy and forget that each person is a separate individual and may have unique  problems. This is what we pay specific attention to, the individual.

Being a visual person myself I have found it easier to demonstrate what I am trying to communicate by using models, pictures and performing the physiotherapies with the patient. We may to therapies with a particular machine, therapy ball, floor stretches, or weights/bands.  Our office treatments are hands on, meaning we show you, we explain it and perform it with you. This is why Dr. Clay doesn’t wear a suite to work in, because we are hands on in our therapies.

Our manual therapies can involve a lot of physical effort by the Chiropractor to help get the best results. We work with our patients who may not be able to stand or walk and help them gain mobility, flexibility while decreasing pain and tension. I couldn’t do that while wearing slacks and dress shoes. As far as I know we are the only Chiropractor in Cabot that performs these types of treatments and that’s why we feel like the hardest working Chiropractor in Cabot.


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