First time to a Chiropractor?

If you have never been to a chiropractor you maybe a little nervous b/c you don’t know what it is all about. I see this everyday with new patients that are hurting and just want to get out of pain or get through a injury. During the initial office visit we collect some information from you about your medical history, surgeries, conditions, injuries, work/daily routine and hobbies. This helps us determine what type of stresses you encounter daily and any limitations you may have that are not apparent. I talked with the person and have them explain what issues they are having, how bad are they, where they are located and how long they have had them. I explain they type of exam we will be doing and the reason for it. Our patients are encouraged to ask questions at any time they don’t understand something. The ultimate goal of the exam is to determine what tissues are causing the problem- ligament, tendon, muscle, joint, nerves or a combination of them. After the exam we go over what was found and explain what we will do to resolve the problem.  Once we begin the treatment, rehab or therapy each step is explained and home recommendations are shown/performed in office. These are to be done at home.   When dealing with children, I often make a bet with them during their first adjustment. If you don’t smile or laugh after this adjustment I will give you 5.00  They always smile or laugh the moment they are adjusted. The most often statement that is made by our patient’s following their first visit is ” I should have come here a long time ago”  or  ” everybody should have a chiropractor”  or ” this should have been the first place I came instead of the last”.   If you have had a bad experience with a medical doctor, dentist, or a chiropractor, you don’t stop seeing one, just find a good one.    – Dr. Clay Gross

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