Dr. Clay Gross puts patient’s first

Many of our patients come from other offices that were unable to produce the desired results. Our intent is to resolve the root of each problem and produce a long lasting effect. Dr. Clay enjoys what he does and it shows. Some office visits are straight forward and relatively quick while others take a lot more time depending on what the patient presents with. One of the biggest compliments we get is that Dr. Clay listens to patients. While one type of treatment may work for one person it may be altered to fit a different person even with similar complaints.  We do not believe that everyone needs to be hooked up to electric stimulation 20 times in a row and receive the exact same treatment as everyone else receives . Dr. Clay takes a more individual approach  with each person. ” Our patient’s deserve our undivided attention, every time.”-Dr. Clay   Our fb page has over 680 likes, more than 76 fb reviews and many testimonials written in our office walls. Whether you were in a car wreck or just woke up with back pain, sometimes you just need a little help from your friends, we want to be that friend.

Cabot school kids learning about bones, nerves and muscles.

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