Don't let Spring cause you to feel old

It happens every Spring, the warming weather and sun shine gives us green grass, weeds and new ideas of what to plant in our yards. There are so many things we need to do this time of year with our yard, home improvements and sports starting up, our bodies have probably been less active during the winter months. So on the first warm Saturday we go out and work like our life depended on it and that night we feel like we have been beat with a rubber bat. We see this at the beginning of the warmer seasons in our office. So how do we combat this you ask?  Pay attention to how you are doing while you work. Don’t stay bent over in the flower garden for 5 hours if you haven’t been doing that recently. Mix up your activities, don’t stay in one position for hours at a time until you become acclimated to doing it.

Overuse injuries are common during the year but are worse when the seasons are changing which changes our activities as well. Getting adjusted, passively mobilized, manually stretched out makes our movements easier with less effort and helps protect us from injury strains/sprains. Chiropractic treatments work great at fixing people, but it really shines as a prevention to injury. No other health discipline focuses on prevention as much as Chiropractic does. Maybe that’s why most professional athletes use them all the time.

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