Choose Grace Chiropractic Center – Cabot Arkansas

Grace Chiropractic Center wants to be your Chiropractor. Our office treats many of the military personnel at the Little Rock Air Force Base, Firemen, Police Officers, Cabot High School Teachers and athletes. Our office has the highest online rating in Cabot and many other online search engines. We work with patient’s schedules and make the most of each office visit. Dr. Clay Gross understands that we work for you and help people get back to the activities they want to do as soon as possible. Our treatment plans are intense and typically shorter than many of the other offices around. We treat work related injuries, everyday normal aches and pains as well as auto accidents. We are becoming known for treating mothers during pregnancy and young children.

One of the best ways to find a Chiropractor is to ask your friends who they use and find out what they are like. I would invite anyone to talk to one of our patients about our office and see what they say.  Patients refer to our office everyday and that encourages us to keep working hard for you. Our therapies and physiotherapy goes beyond what many other offices do, which helps provide the patient with a speedy recovery. One of the larger demographics in our office are nurses. These people work long hours and many times perform repetitive duties which require chiropractic treatments.

Kids like coming to Grace Chiropractic.


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