Chiropractors perform 1 million Adjustments a Day

Chiropractors perform around 1 million spinal adjustments a day, and have the highest rated patient satisfaction out of all healthcare professionals.   All 32 National Football League teams use Chiropractors and the Olympic teams do as well. Research by The Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine, found that replacing a visit to a doctor with a visit to a chiropractor for back pain, could save Medicare $83.5 million every year.


Many times patients want to be treated more often than the treatment plan calls for, b/c the more they come the better they feel. There is a reason the top athletes in the world use chiropractic treatments, it’s because it  works. Chiropractic services are one of the fastest growing healthcare fields for the long term future.


Chiropractors are the 3rd largest healthcare providers behind medical doctors and dentist. It’s interesting to note that for years the American Medical Association and other providers tried to stop chiropractors from practicing. Since that time, there are physical  therapist and medical doctors taking weekend classes to learn how to perform chiropractic treatments.  I guess imitation is the  highest form  of praise.


It is common for a patient to be seen for back/neck pain to receive “pain killers” and “muscle relaxers”, and when that doesn’t work they are sent to a therapist for 14 weeks and if that doesn’t work they go back for some more medications.  Many times a new patient that goes to the Chiropractor has already been seen and treated a numerous places and they are willing to try anything to get out of pain. I would say more than 1/3 of our new patients fall into this category. Chiropractors look at the whole person, life style, hobbies, habits, work requirements and try to find out the why, how, where and what is causing the persons problems.

Taking the time to do this is uncommon in modern medicine and is prob. one of the reasons Chiropractors have the highest patient satisfaction rate out of every healthcare provider. It also helps us treat people that haven’t responded to treatments at other clinics.


It seems that healthcare providers have come full circle and now want to perform their form of chiropractic. Go to a Chiropractor for chiropractic treatments.  You will be glad you did.

Dr. Clay Gross

309 West Main St.

Cabot, AR

Grace Chiropractic Center in Cabot Arkansas.


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