Chiropractic pain killer

People are hurting with back pain, hips, shoulders, knees and neck pain everyday in America. The use of opioids has been a complete failure due to the side affects and long lasting addictive properties it has.  In 2012 it was estimated that 26.4 million people world wide abused opioids. According to the CDC ( 78 Americans die everyday from opioids in 2014. While it’s true people take them for a variety of reasons, back pain is one of the more common reasons before and following surgery. These powerful medications when used correctly and incorrectly can alter who we are, how we think, how we feel/act.  I see people everyday that are able to stop taking pain meds after they have been treated by a chiropractor. I am not suggesting that every person with a back injury, spinal cord injury can be cured by chiropractic, however; it has helped so many people, it may be a good place to start.  I do know that a chiropractic adjustment doesn’t make you want to steal, lie, look for more drugs and ignore your family. I know that the side effects of being adjusted do not prevent you from going to work or operating heavy machinery. I know that chiropractic treatments put people in a much better mood. (numerous patient’s spouses have thanked me for helping their family members) I believe that many conditions that chiropractors treat should be the first place a person seeks help from. If it is a condition or injury that is beyond their help and co-treatment, then the chiropractor would refer that person out to a neurosurgeon or other medical facility. That would likely prevent at least some of drug overuse or abuse. The only difference between a legal drug and a illegal drug is a prescription.  10345805_869513036408849_4901060168917835781_n

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