The Cabot Chiropractor- Grace Chiropractic Center

The Cabot Chiropractor- Grace Chiropractic Center

Dr. Clay Gross “The Cabot Chiropractor” has been a chiropractor since 2001. Our office has seen thousands of patients since it opened in 2006. It’s always interesting to help people from so many different walks of life. Policemen, firemen, Cabot High School teachers, Attorneys, physical therapist, Airmen from the Little Rock Air Base, Bankers, Businessmen, elementary school children and athletes.  It’s a pleasure to be able to work my home town.

Grace Chiropractic Center is such a success in part b/c our patients play a active role in getting better. They are driven and encouraged to play a active part in their own healthcare.  Health comes from us, not to us. If the general public were able to come to this office and observe how we treat people, I think they would all agree that everyone needs to be evaluated by a chiropractor. It’s not uncommon for our patients to ask to be treated more often than we recommend.

These treatments are a necessity for most people, a convenience for some and a luxury for others. Chiropractic improves performance without a doubt, that’s why the NBA, NFL and the olympics all use chiropractors for their team players. Dr. Clay is known as the Cabot Chiropractor b/c so many people refer their friends and  family to us. Read more about us at:

Grace Chiropractic Center in Cabot Arkansas.

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