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  • Grace Chiropractic Center Reviews Cabot Arkansas

    We want to be the Best Chiropractor you have ever been to.   Grace Chiropractic Center – “The Cabot Chiropractor” “I believe all of our patients are special. They deserve individual attention and respect.”  – Dr. Clay Gross   1/30/2017 ” I have tried other therapy offices for weeks at a time but I felt better Read More

  • Products Available

    These are a few of the products we provide at Grace Chiropractic Center.    Jeanie Rub massager   may be the greatest soft tissue tool that can be used at home to reduce stress, muscle tension and sore/achy muscles. Biofreeze- Gel, Roll on, Spray, Sombra  and Cryoderm are powerful topical treatments for sore achy muscles Read More

  • Healthy Tips From Grace Chiropractic Center

      What do you do each week or month to promote your health?  Chiropractic is a part of many peoples life to promote proper function of the musculoskeletal system, help prevent injury and make them stronger. If it hurts to move, your just not going to move as much. It’s always better to do what Read More

  • Morning neck pain

    Why do I wake up with neck pain?        Grace Chiropractic Center  309 West Main St. Cabot, AR 72023 There are a number of reasons a person may wake up with neck or lower back pain. Improper sleeping posture ( stomach sleeper), joint misalignment, muscle / soft tissue problem and stress are to Read More