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  • Cabot Chiropractor- Grace Chiropractic Center

      Grace Chiropractic Center is highest rated Chiropractor in Cabot. We treat entire families for a variety of  issues such as: back pain, headaches, foot and ankle problems, auto accidents, sports injuries and common conditions like sciatica, plantar fasciitis, muscle strains, spasms etc. We see many of the local military personnel from mechanics to pilots. Read More

  • The top Chiropractic office in Cabot Arkansas

    What makes our office the top Chiropractic office in Cabot?  As far as we can tell, our office treats more professionals than other Chiropractic offices in this area.  We receive referrals from the local hospitals, physical therapist, M.D.’s and even  from offices out of state. Dr. Clay gets calls from other doctors asking how we Read More

  • Hardest Working Chiropractor in Cabot

    We feel like we are the hardest working Chiropractor in Cabot because we receive patients from all the other offices in town regularly. The patients tell us that either they weren’t getting any  better or that there was a lack of communication between them and the doctor. Dr. Clay Gross strives to convey what the Read More

  • Little Rock Air Force Base Chiropractor

    Grace Chiropractic Center is well known by many of the military personnel at the Little Rock Air Force Base.  We see airmen, pilots, load masters, instructors, mechanics and other flight line personnel for many musculoskeletal issues, joint/nerve/ligament/tendon problems and injuries. Our office also sees the family members of active military personnel including their spouse and Read More

  • No Insurance, No problem at Grace Chiropractic

    Every person that comes to our office has insurance but chooses to pay out of pocket for a few reasons. Number 1 they don’t have to reach their deductible before the insurance coverage begins and there is no additional co-pay on top of that. Number 2 many times the insurance co-pay is more than our Read More

  • Cabot Chiropractor treatments for pain, prevention and maintenance care.

                  No other healthcare provider has more education and focus on the prevention of injuries and symptoms than your Chiropractor. Most healthcare services are about treating symptoms and injuries after the fact. Pain is what most people go to the chiropractor for and it works really well for that. Read More

  • Out of Network providers Trump In-Network providers

    How health insurance has control over your in-network provider. It is more common than not that insurance companies control your healthcare providers by deciding what treatments a patient may get at a in-network clinic based on what they will pay for. It would be nice to think they would pay for any/all treatments that might Read More

  • This is the beginning of anything you want

    This is a short story about one of our awesome patients . She is a encourager, motivator, and a inspiration to so may people. I wanted to highlight this wonderful lady and let others know what is possible. Since this article was written, she is now  3 lbs away from breaking a world record for Read More

  • New things coming to Grace Chiropractic Center this year!

    We are excited about the new programs coming to Grace Chiropractic Center this year. We have a number of things that are in the works to help more people resolve their symptoms. One of the first items is the new equipment that will provide efficient stretching and strengthening to spinal and pelvic regions.  We are Read More

  • Why do I hurt?

    Being in practice since  2001, I have seen just about every type of common spinal injury. I have found that the person that has a desk job, has as many complaints and hurts as much as the person with a difficult manual labor type of job. I have found that a more important factor is Read More