Attitude Adjustments? Maybe….

Patients joke about knowing someone that needs a attitude adjustment from time to time, but the reality is I have seen it happen. We have had children that were hyper, restless and difficult to put to bed brought into our office because they read chiropractic has helped those conditions before. I suggested to these parents that it depends on the cause, but we would see if it made a difference or not. To my surprise the majority of the parents reported that their children were more willing to go to bed and stay in bed and were more calm and easier to control during the day. Of course this does not mean every child will respond this way, but it makes since that most of them do because that is also what adults tell me are the side effects of their own treatment- ability to sleep better, rest, relax and not as much anxiety.

If you have ever had a chronic pain that bothers you daily/weekly it can cause adults to be grumpy, unwilling to “put up” with much and over time certainly cause a change in attitude. Pain is a powerful sensation that is tiresome when it is all of the time or often. It can cause depression, with draw from others, affect our daily lives and those around us. Nothing puts us in a bad mood faster than pain. So, I guess we do have some effect on peoples attitude after all…._

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