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Does it hurt to be adjusted at Grace Chiropractic ?   This seems to be a popular question for a lot of people that have never been to a chiropractor. For the majority of patients that come into our office the answer is no.  Probably 90% of our “first time chiropractic patients” smile the moment after they are adjusted. If  the condition of a patient is moderate or severe, their treatment can be uncomfortable for awhile and then they feel better.  It is common for our patients to say ” I can’t believe how much better I feel after the first visit.”

Does every injury or condition need to be adjusted?   Not necessarily, some injuries are soft tissue related which may require therapies, rehab and strengthening. We perform physiotherapy, ultrasound, I.F., muscle stim, low level laser, muscle strengthening, gait  analysis, taping and balance training.

What kind of adjustments are there?   We perform a number of different types of adjustments. Activator, Thompson, Diversified, Upper Cervical, S.O.T., Gonstead to name a few. Children and infants are not adjusted the same way adults are just as pregnant patients are adjusted differently.

I’ve had surgery can I go to a chiropractor?  Yes, we evaluate each patient based on medical history, current condition/examination and presenting symptoms. Depending on what surgery was performed and where it was done will determine what treatments we do.  Some types of surgery and conditions do not allow us to treat that area. This will be evaluated during the consultation.

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