A more effective Chiropractor

What I mean by a more effective Chiropractor is that we want,

quality patient care over quantity patient care.


I won’t go into the additional expenses of billing a insurance company for treatments, but understand it cost more to hire people to do your billing, and submitting claims. There is a tendency for clinics to only perform treatments that insurance will pay for, hence your insurance company maybe determining what care you receive. Do you want your insurance company treating you or your doctor?


 You may actually only need 4 or 5 visits, instead of the normal 15-25 visits at an insurance based clinic. Self pay patients get better faster than insurance patients do, and it may cost the same amount or less. If you have a high deductible and a insurance based clinic requires 2 or 3 times more treatments, you may be paying more by using insurance. Self pay patients are highly motivated and compliant which in turn creates a more involved patient in their own recovery.


I have found that patients are willing to pay for value, and look for the best. This type of practice may require fewer total visits and allows patients to get better, faster, stronger with a more motivated patient. It is common for clinics to verify a patient’s insurance and the number of treatments allowed by the insurance turns in to the same number of treatments the clinic recommends. While this maybe accurate sometimes, it’s prob. not for every single patient.


Insurance based patients may also receive the exact same care as all of the other patients, b/c the clinic knows what the insurance will cover and what they won’t, regardless of what the outcome of the treatment is. An example of this is, a patient is treated for 24 visits and they are not any better, so the clinic recommends 24 more of the same treatments that didn’t work the first time. In my opinion this is why a self pay clinic get results better and faster b/c it can be more individualized.


Sometimes half of a treatment plan can result in the same outcome but with  less money and office visits. However, if you are a insurance patient, you may never find out how many treatments you really needed. Our patients are our greatest asset, they get better, quickly and refer others to us.



Grace Chiropractic Center in Cabot Arkansas.

~Dr. Clay Gross

Grace Chiropractic Center

309 West Main St.

Cabot, Arkansas


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