#1 Chiropractor in Cabot-Grace Chiropractic

Our patients are our greatest asset. They drive us to do more, to do it better than anyone else, and enjoy the results of our work.



Patient’s tell us that they wish they had come to our office first.  We provide a comfortable facility and effective treatments to help people get back to doing what they want to do as quickly as possible. What makes our office different? Probably a few things. Number one would have to be that we do not treat our patients like a insurance patient. What does that mean? Sometimes when you are treated at a office that accepts insurance, they only provide treatments that a insurance carrier has chosen to pay for. While that may suite the needs of some people it maynot be the best treatment for all. Some of the services that we provide to everyone that insurance does not cover, as far as I know: Gait analysis, posture correction, preventative and maintenance care to the spine and extremities, low level laser, passive mobilization, Kinesio taping, ergonomic work place improvement evaluations to prevent injury, maintenance care to soft tissues and discussing stress relieving options.  Each insurance policy is different and if a treatment plan  is not followed they can deny payment. 

At our office we understand people have circumstances in life that may not allow them to be able to follow a certain policy or plan due to family obligations, work schedule, money or travel. One of the differences in our office and others  is that we get it. We work for you, your schedule, your time line, your ability and your tolerance. If you are able to have more treatments you may progress much faster, but if you aren’t able to do that we will work with you and do everything we can on each office visit to get you better faster.

Often patients have been to their doctor for help and received “muscle relaxers” and pain killers, next they try weeks of physical therapy and tell us that they don’t feel any different but hurt more. These people are just  wanting some answers and relief. While medications and weeks of physical therapy can help some people, others may need a more specific evaluation and treatment. Most muscle relaxers are more sedatives that anything else, these make people sleepy if they take enough and not  much else. If muscle relaxers worked, therapist wouldn’t have a job any more. Consider that your heart is a muscle,  the diaphragm is a muscle, inside each artery is a muscle.   The people that use our office tell us about how they were treated at other offices and seemed to be more concerned that you use all of your “allowed” insurance office visits than anything else.

I can tell you that we NEVER ask how many treatments your insurance pays for or how many times you are allowed to come. I don’t see where that is relevant.  What I mean by that is, for a certain type of injury it requires how ever long it takes, no matter what your insurance policy says. I have found that in most cases, we are able to help people get over some injuries quicker than some places that state on day one that you will need 12 weeks of care for this problem.  Our office uses each office visit to determine if they need to return or not for more treatments, instead of stating we will stop care after all of your insurance “allowed” visits are used up.

Another difference in our office and others is that we try not to over book the appointment book. Considering that some patients take more time than others, it’s important to respect the patient’s time and allow ourselves the time that is needed for each individual patient.

A final reason our office is different is because we love what we do. I think people recognize it when  they see happy people so comfortable with treating others and look forward to it everyday. Sure, the paper work gets old but we are in the middle of adding  touch screen data entry, adding more adjusting rooms and remodeling our  office. “Our patients drive us to be the best” ~ Dr. Clay Gross  Grace Chiropractic Center



We are not the biggest office, but we do want to be the best. Our patients and their patients tell us we are.





Grace Chiropractic Center in Cabot Arkansas.


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